Clean Environment Security

You bought the garden pool mainly because you finally wanted to be absolutely sure that in summer you will be bathed in clean water and therefore you do not have to worry about any skin allergic reactions, which, from the time when bathing on a swimming pond or other The tank. If a person does not care for his own water, he can never be sure of the condition and what was used or neglected in its maintenance.
Added value of private tank
It is true that such a domestic tank and its filling will cost you much more than a ticket to the swimming pool, however, your health is worth it anyway and a little bit of the effort will not put you down. Especially when the only thing you have used to date in the maintenance was the chlorine-free chemistry of the pool in the form of active oxygen tablets, which disinfect the water sufficiently, depriving it of undesirable organisms and exposing you to an unpleasant contact Cause skin problems. Plus, when bathing in the privacy of your own garden and in crystal clear azure water, you feel much better than a public tank.