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What You Should Know About Dual Caregivers
Being part of the sandwich generation means you are taking responsibility for your kids and aging parents. Taking care of your parents and children can be quite tiresome and frustrating which is why a large population face specific challenges and lead a stressful life. If you want to know whether you are part of the sandwich generation then you should look out for these signs since the term was created by Dorothy Miller in 1981.

The sandwich caregiver is about 40 to 50 years old raise small children and are responsible for an older child financially. Research has shown that the sandwich generation have full-time jobs on top of caring for their family but more responsibilities for on the women than men. Taking care of your family and parents financially can affect your mental state since you are under a lot of pressure every day.

People become club sandwich caregivers when they are extending help to grandparents for grandchildren. A person in the sandwich generation usually has lower work performance since they have a lot of commitments. The sandwich generation caregiver is usually tired and stressed out because of the work and family pressure, but companies are addressing the situation by giving them benefits.

Benefits employees get through their companies such as financial Planning workshops and health incentives. Since there is more awareness regarding sandwich generation caregivers you can discuss with their human resource manager or check the benefits booklet for employees in your company to check out different offers. Since the caregivers have a lot of responsibilities that are stressful they can manage their stress levels by consulting with the therapy so they can cope with their responsibilities.

You can take advantage of after-school programs or talk to your family member so they can understand your situation and support you. There are multiple sandwich generation caregivers you get to meet through local or online support groups plus you need to create time for yourself. Learning how to deal with elderly parents is essential especially because they need physical and emotional support due to their failing health condition.

Kids are most affected when living with a dual caregiver since all the money is spent on other responsibilities rather than savings. You have to prioritize yourself as a dual caregiver and take works or meditate to clear your mind and plan your future.

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