Bed linen

Bedrooms and children's rooms, beds and cots. It should depend on a pleasant atmosphere without distinction. Furniture, accessories, duvet covers, pillows, sheets and bed sheets are involved in a pleasant atmosphere, how we feel and how well we sleep.
Bed linen

For a good sleep of adults and children, bed linens, which are both quality and design, will satisfy every sleeper. Choose Online, choose in the E-shop TAC soft furnishings. Bedding in a modern design with a variety of children's motifs in high quality and at great prices.
Bed linens for children and adults

Offer e-shop TAC soft furnishings is diverse, quality and able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Whether you choose bed linens for yourself or for your children, you will be completely satisfied in all directions. You will find not only the variety of goods, but also the ideal ratio of quality and price.

Where to go for ice cream? Come to the Confectioneries!

The old known phrase, which we can often hear from our grandparents, but certainly more and more often from our parents, that "nothing is like we have been," we can unfortunately verify ourselves. Even the ubiquitously sold ice cream is often not what they should be!
For you, lovers of real, tasty, creamy ice cream, however, we have great news. Quality dealers of this frozen delicacy have not yet died! And what is even more gratifying, even here in our country, in the Czech Republic.
In captivity
Even today, even in our country there is someone who does not only have artificial dyes and chemical flavors in the ice cream, and whose ice cream does not form ninety percent of industrly stiffened fat instead of typical cottage cheese or milk. Thank you for being still in our day we can meet such great manufacturers!

Accommodation Mountains

Are you planning a family vacation or just a prolonged weekend with friends? Then we have a great tip for you in a destination that is not far from abroad. Come to the green heart of Europe and choose for this opportunity. Offered by us is suitable for families with children and lovers of couples, because we have in the form of apartments or large chalets, just choose.
You can choose Mountain Accommodation according to your wishes and requirements. Come with friends or family, offering you the best comfort you've been looking for. Then choose our wide range of accommodation in the mountains.
Book your stay
Book today and enjoy the perfect holiday.

Inspection of Sewers

Do you suspect something is wrong with your sewer? Do you feel an unpleasant and unusual smell from it? Then use our services. Inspection of drains is one of them.

Our company is very well aware of the importance of all sewers for life. That's why we offer our services in this area. Inspection of drains is one of the services offered by us.
Inspection of sewers-technical assistance

If you already have problems with sewerage or waste, we are here for you. If you do not know the advice, then contact us. We will prepare a solution for your situation and also arrange its implementation. One of the necessary activities associated with the operation of drains is the revision of drains. You can look at the sample tour on our website, where you will find many other useful information.

Sleeveless Shirts

Have you chosen to choose a gift to your husband, friend, father or son? Welcome to our website and choose from a plethand offer of our designs and materials. Well, admit it yourself-which masculic nature is not like when you do not have to spend hours trying to test your new outfit? It doesn't matter whether it's a suit or just men's t-shirts. The scenario is always the same.

Men T-Shirts

The joy you make not only to your darling, but certainly to yourself, because when you dress him in the men's T-shirt, you will see how it suits him, as you hit with a suitable color, pattern and a great fit. Men's T-shirts love males of any age. Most of all honor the principle of not morality but the convenience of the above.

Give preference to comfortable clothes

In our online store you will find men's T-shirts for versatile use. Whether it's a printed t-shirt, a sporty style, a blouse or a collar.

Mácha Lake Chalets

Try the simplest yet amazing. Do you have any idea what we think? What are you doing to roast the fire? A seemingly ordinary thing, but how can it be remembered. Mácha's lake huts are the ideal place for these simple experiences!
Let us also offer our children the joy of ordinary things, which, however, have a unique atmosphere. Our huts at Mácha's Lake are directly inviting! Ask your children what kind of holiday they would like to experience?
Games with children who will entertain them
Perhaps you will find that they pose something simple, but mainly to make it a rich daily program. And you could play different games or "boysters" with them. Ask your children what holiday they desire! Simplicity is a beauty and you can meet Mácha's Lake huts!

For moments of reacting

f you want to take the time off your computer while having fun, then there's a 1001 game portal for you, where you can enjoy hundreds of different games for both small and large. There is nothing simpler, just connect, choose one of the games and start playing. No registration or fees are required. All games are completely free.

Do you play one day and the same games that have long been frozen? On our server 1001, the game will find a lot of new and interesting games, where you can spend your free time and guaranteed fun. Feel free to visit the portal at this point.

Just Connect

No fees may apply for PC games. The only thing you need is an Internet connection. All the games are online and enjoy great fun. You will find all the game genres and each player will come to their own. We wish you a pleasant fun.

If you want to seize your kids

Games, videos, wallpapers, lots of fun and reacting waiting for you on our site Supergame. With our website you won't know what boring is. In one place we have prepared a thousand games from which you choose every day.
Tanks online are here for everyone who wants to have fun. The games are classified according to genres and with a Pařes's description in Czech, so you know what the game is and what your task is. Only the best can win, so do not hesitate and measure your strength with others.

We have them all
Our super-game professionals are looking for new games and videos every day. Every day there are several innovations that are immediately ready for online launch. Games are divided into several groups according to the nature of the content or according to whom they are intended. So many games in one place you will like.

Our door to every home

The offer of our shop is wide and interesting assortment. Our shop is full of quality household goods. They are modern kitchen doors, furniture lighting, decorative mats, sliding doors, furniture knobs and much more.
We strive to constantly monitor new trends and ensure that the products are also practical, not only beautiful. It combines a pleasant design with us and a great price. The foliated doors to the kitchens are very popular at the moment. It is the best-selling type. You can find them in many Czech households. They are affordable, elegant and practical.
We follow modern trends
We follow the latest trends in the development of our assortment. We bring you the door using metallic foil. It is a revival, bringing elegance and luxury to your kitchen.

Throw worries behind your head

Do you also like the possibility that you can put all your worries about your accounts in a definitive way? If so, do not hesitate to take advantage of the high quality option that is being outsourced to the Prague accounting. This is a great opportunity for small businesses, larger businesses, large companies, or for business owners to get rid of any problems that are related to this area. In order to control this area, there is a need for a copch of knowledge and knowledge, but not everyone possesses them. So do not hesitate to entrust all professionals who can take care of it best.
Convenient services for Everyone
Outsourcing also pays off the financial side. At a very low cost you will be able to indulge in a real rest, as these services are really available. You don't have to worry about not being able to afford them. This is not at all possible, prices are low, while the quality of all data processing is sharply high. So do not be afraid to invest in this direction, you will see that you will be extremely satisfied and that you will really prove it.

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