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The Impact Of Job Hopping On Your Career

In comparison with how things were in the past we are seeing that a lot of workers are not taking the similar typical route as pertains to their careers. This is prevalent in the way that they are on the look out for new job openings in order to switch careers. The job hopping is common among the millennials and it has its own sets of pros and cons. This article seeks to list the advantages and the disadvantages of jobs switching to ensure that you are in possession of the insight that will aid you in reaching the decision that will progress your career.

In the event that you are contemplating switching your career in order to get more skills and experience ,then that is a smart decision that you have taken. Towards this end the job hopping will be beneficial to your career as you get the chance to advance your career alongside getting the ability to operate in a work environment that you view as conducive.

The likelihood of earning better pay and get promoted faster is higher when you go on job hopping. This is the case mostly if you found it hard to access the benefits in your present career. The chance of getting improved negotiation for better pay with a new employer are higher compared to when you are doing so at your present place of work.

Job hopping has its downsides as in the way it gives a reputation that is unwanted alongside compromising your job security. This is informed by the fact that employees are wary of people who are changing careers often considering that a lot of investment is made for the purpose of training for the staff. As well the prospective employer might have reservations in respect to your personality and judgement. By chance you get employed, you will be among the first people to be released from the company in a restructuring exercise as you have not developed much when it comes to seniority.

There is no assurance when you job hop for you that your new job will give you more satisfaction that you are getting from your present career. In addition the likelihood of losing all the benefits that were available to you in your current workplace will be lost. The downside of this scenario is that building up your retirement fund again will be a herculean task.

Job hopping can make your employer view you as a person who not lacks commitment but one that is unreliable. When you are regularly changing jobs, you do not have adequate time on an organization to be able to develop and retain contact networks.

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