Where to go for ice cream? Come to the Confectioneries!

The old known phrase, which we can often hear from our grandparents, but certainly more and more often from our parents, that "nothing is like we have been," we can unfortunately verify ourselves. Even the ubiquitously sold ice cream is often not what they should be!
For you, lovers of real, tasty, creamy ice cream, however, we have great news. Quality dealers of this frozen delicacy have not yet died! And what is even more gratifying, even here in our country, in the Czech Republic.
In captivity
Even today, even in our country there is someone who does not only have artificial dyes and chemical flavors in the ice cream, and whose ice cream does not form ninety percent of industrly stiffened fat instead of typical cottage cheese or milk. Thank you for being still in our day we can meet such great manufacturers!

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