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Should You Buy Gas Grill or Pellet Grill?

Several years ago, purchasing a grill was just a very simple and uncomplicated task. The only problem then was to get the best grill without going beyond your budget. But today, there are numerous brands as well as varieties of grills that can be bought. If you’re currently in search for versatile grill that’s easy to use, then your selection narrows down to gas grill or pellet grill which you can discover more here.

Your decision making capabilities can definitely be put to the test as there is a great difference between these grilling options. Are you the type of griller who prefers grilling with low smoke and slow cooking or are you more into grilling steaks that have sear marks on it.

You would certainly discover more here if you would take time to read the tips that are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Tip number 1. Initial cost – if you want to save money on buying new grills, then it would be recommended to buy gas grills as many big box stores are offering great deals for top end models. Even so, you may opt to buy used units to get it at a lower price.

Tip number 2. Run time – when talking about runtime, it basically refers to the operating time of the cooker before refueling. There are variables affecting the runtime of the grill actually. With regards to pellet grill for instance, the runtime generally depends on temperature that’s set. It may as little as half pound per hour when you’re smoking meat and 2 pounds per hour if you’re doing high heat sear. The great news here is, a 20-pound bag can last for quite a while.

With gas grill on the other hand, the amount of propane that’s burnt in an hour will depend on number of BTU that the cooker has, the number of burners and temperature you’re using. You can discover more here if you keep reading.

Tip number 3. Operating cost – for pellet grill to operate, you can use wood and electricity. The number of pellets needed depends greatly on the size of the cooker and the temperature that is used. Needless to say, the bigger the grill, the more pellets should be used. With gas grill however, all that’s needed to operate this thing is propane. If you check this site, you are going to discover more here.

Tip number 4. Temperature control and range – there are couple of methods you can do to control the gas grill temperature, turn the knob and lighting the burners. As for pellet grill, it can be programmed easily to cook at low temperature which you can discover more here.

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